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Welcome to Spots 'N More!  We live in a small town of Woodville, Alabama, which is about 30 Miles East of Huntsville.  We currently only breed the Basset Hound.  Our goal is to provide you with a healthy, happy Basset Hound Puppy.  Please email us with any questions you may have about any upcoming litters we are planning.  View all our available puppies in our Nursery.

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We do not allow any visitors to our home until our puppies are old enough to receive their first vaccination, which will be given at  6 weeks of age.  We try to be careful to keep our adult bassets and puppies safe from diseases. A disease such as parvo is very contagious and most times deadly. We do this to protect our puppies because their little immune systems are so fragile. We do however understand that you want to be apart of your new puppy's life, so we do post updated pictures of your new baby every other week on our website.  When coming to our home to pick up your puppy, we ask that you do not visit any other breeders or pet stores and please do not bring other pets with you. Again this is to protect your puppy. Thank you for your understanding.

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